Frequently asked questions.  

Q.1  How do you make our products? 

We make most of our products with our hands. So, no two are alike but still the same.  

Q.2  Who makes this?  

Machines are not our artists. Local artists who’ve worked with us for generations are. 

Q.3 What about soaps? Can I use soaps? 

Sure you can. Use any kind except the harsh ones. Kindness is for everyone. Don’t leave soap on the utensils. Wash them immediately and completely air dry them before storing.  

Q.4 Can I put them in a microwave? 

  Of course. 

Q.5 Do you gift wrap these? 

Sure, we’d love to gift wrap it for you. 

Q.5 Isn’t terracotta delicate? 

Come to think of it, it’s only as delicate as we are clumsy. And just in case you drop it, it’s so sustainable, it’ll come back to you in another form soon. 

Q.6 Doesn’t terracotta catch fungus? 

It can, on wet monsoon days. If you give it some sunshine, after washing it won’t  

Q.7 Can I put the terracotta utensils directly on the flame for cooking? 

Terracotta gets along with flame, but initially low flame would be better. A wire frame stove works well. It also goes well with the microwave and oven. 

Q.8 How can I wash the terracotta curd setter? 

Just give them a rinse with a mild detergent or baking soda. Please follow care instructions given with the product before its debut. 

Q.9 What if it slips? 

we’re afraid it isn’t gravity-proof yet, It will depend on your luck.